Rainlight - Evocations of Water for Piano Solo

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Rainlight – Evocations of Water for Piano Solo

From the gentle to the torrential, water in nature affects, blesses (and afflicts) us in many ways, and composers have been drawn to this theme time and again. Here one of the world’s brightest young pianists, in his first CD for us, pulls together a stunning programme representing little raindrops and fountains to oceans and […]

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What The Critics Are Saying…

“Nicely packaged, splendidly engineered, intelligently annotated and, most important, played to perfection by Alfonso Soldano, the album is a gem – one cannot help but marvel at the variety of moods in this ever-changing music. Alfonso Soldano proves himself a masterful interpreter of this music… [he] is a pianist of the first order and his Castelnuovo-Tedesco album a thing to treasure.” – Rafael de Acha (Rafael Music Notes)

” —Rafael de Acha, Rafael Music Notes

Divine Art is a record company that focuses its efforts instead on creating very special things… Andrew Wright dazzles with his command and conquest of the pianistic mine fields of [these works]. The demands this repertory places on technical wizardry, including interlocking and alternating and cross-voicing from hand to hand, extended passages using massive octaves, unending arpeggios, and its call for the stamina of a sportsman are beyond the reach of any but the most valiant of pianists. Mr. Wright is one such keyboard artist.

” —Rafael de Acha, Rafael Music Notes

Natalie Schwaabe is a fantastic, even stunning, piccolo and flute player whether producing sound the usual way, flutter tonguing, or singing and playing at the same time. She handles all the demands with aplomb and artistic vision. Jan Philip Schulze plays the Dickens out of his parts, which means when you put the two together the result is a program you just have to hear.

” —Todd Gorman, American Record Guide

One would expect a Polish pianist to bring an extra dimension of understanding when performing this great composer. These performances show that to be so… Karaskiewicz’s program offers a good introduction to the composer, and her extensive notes are worthy of the highest praise. Here is yet another great recital, a superb sampling. The plush fullness of the sound is an added attraction.

” —Alan Becker, American Record Guide

Latest News

American Art Song album from Métier

Irish mezzo-soprano Aylish Kerrigan is following up her two recent Métier albums with one devoted to the vocal works of Charles Ives and Henry Cowell.  In many ways the two (though not at all alike) share the distinction of being exceptionally individual in their writing. Ms Kerrigan, who is accompanied by pianist Vladimir Valdivia, has spent several […]

Re-issues from Dunelm Records

Since acquiring Dunelm Records back in 2007 we have re-released several of their fine recordings on the Diversions and Metier labels at a lower price. A new batch of re-releases is now being prepared for the spring of 2018. This will include vols 1-5 of the series of organ recordings by Ronald Frost (Organs of […]

November Releases

Look out for three new albums in November (our last issues of 2017). We are delighted to present Volume 6 of the Carson Cooman organ music series (“The Cloak with the Stars”). Cooman also appears, this time as performer, in Andreas Willscher’s Organ Symphonies 19 & 20 and a suite ‘The Beatitudes’; and from Métier […]