Cello Spice


Long before the Spice Girls were thought of, the original Spice Group was conceived by a cellist who had long felt that the quality and variety of original works for cello-ensemble offered much to be enjoyed; music which had been almost totally neglected.  A group was formed in 1993 from young and established professionals, and several successful engagements followed.  The numbers in the ensemble varied; a basic recital group performing duos, trios and quartets, whilst some works required as many as 32!

On their Divine Art CD, Cello Spice are: Mark Bailey, Gillian Copp, John Davison, and Alison Lawrance.

Allocation of parts was always by consensus – the group had no “leader” as such.  The group was formed to entertain, with live concerts including anything from Wagenseil to ragtime, from Offenbach to Gershwin.

The only regular cello ensemble in the UK, the group discontinued its activities due to its members’ other commitments.