American Piano Sonatas


Catalogue No: DDA 25052
EAN/UPC: 809730505224
Composers: , ,
Release Date: February 2009
Genres: ,
Periods: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 78:12

This CD celebrates two notable milestones in American music: the 100th birthday of Elliott Carter (to whom we dedicate the CD and who died two years after its release) and the 100th anniversary of the birth of Miklós Rózsa, who sadly is no longer with us. Each wrote just one Piano Sonata – of which this is currently the only recording of the Rózsa piece) and they are presented with the Fourth Sonata (the “Keltic”) of Edward MacDowell. Splendid performances.

This album is a finalist in The American Prize ERNST BACON MEMORIAL AWARD for the PERFORMANCE of AMERICAN MUSIC, PROFESSIONAL division, 2017-18.

Track Listing

    Elliott Carter:

  1. I. Piano Sonata − I Maestoso-legatoscorrevole (14:09)
  2. II. Piano Sonata − II Andante – misterioso.allegrogiusto-andante (17:29)
  3. Miklos Rozsa:

  4. I. Piano Sonata − I – Calmo – allegro (8:26)
  5. II. Piano Sonata − II -Andante (7:46)
  6. III. Piano Sonata − III – Allegro giusto e vigoroso – vivacissimo (7:40)
  7. Edward MacDowell:

  8. I. Piano Sonata no. 4 in E minor − I – With great power and dignity (9:50)
  9. II. Piano Sonata no. 4 in E minor − II With naive tenderness (5:38)
  10. III. Piano Sonata no. 4 in E minor − III – Very swift and fierce (7:14)



Seivewright’s remarkable talent contributes immeasurably to the cause of these sonatas and his attention to detail is indeed faultless. Some ‘tough’ repertoire zestfully performed and captured in clean balanced sound.

” —Gerald Fenech
American Record Guide

Carter called [Seivewright’s performance of his Sonata] breathtaking’ and so it sounds here. Seivewright’s performance [of the Rozsa] is lucid, expressive, and a bit stark. [He] makes the most of [the MacDowell ] sonata’s heart-on-sleeve directness. He also offers detailed, authoritative notes.

” —Sullivan

A rich and intriguing mix of music. An eminently rewarding reading [of the Carter], A fascinating program delivered with style and flair

” —Colin Clarke

Peter Seivewright is surely completely on top of the music. His attention to detail, particularly regarding the harmonic overtones, is superb and he has a piano and a recording engineer able to do justice to his interpretation.

” —Jeremy Marchant

Bartok meets Hollywood in a score from a composer best known for film music… the last movement [of the Rozsa Sonata] is brilliantly brought off. Throughout, Seivewright exhibits a prodigious technique

” —Peter Dickinson
International Record Review

[Seivewright’s] pianism is fully up to [the three sonatas’] very different though equally formidable demands… the inlay features an eloquent endorsement from Elliott Carter [from 25 years ago] and the present account confirms that his identity with this piece remains undimmed. The disc is well recommended overall

” —Richard Whitehouse

This is an intriguing collection… [the Rozsa Sonata] is a powerful, tautly conceived Sonata. The Elliott Carter Sonata is a pivotal work in the creative life of our centenarian master. Seivewright approaches the work from a contemporary perspective, emphasizing the angularity and abstraction of the work. Seivewright certainly has the imprimatur of the composer…a riveting and energetic program

” —Peter Burwasser