Mind Music


Catalogue No: DDA 25138
EAN/UPC: 809730513824
Artists: , , ,
Composers: , , ,
Release Date: April 2017
Genres: ,
Periods: ,
Discs: 2
Total Playing Time: 88:23
Parkinson's UK

Proceeds from the sale of this CD are in aid of Parkinson’s UK

An Album for Charitable Support

Degenerative brain diseases (Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s in particular) cause immense distress to sufferers and their families. This album is released to raise funds for research into cures, through Parkinsons UK. Both the soloists lost parents to these diseases hence their wish to support the research. They have chosen works by composers all of whom were similarly afflicted – either in themselves or their close families. Mendelssohn died at a very young age due to degenerative disease, Strauss wrote his work during a period of severe influenza and depression, and Kevin Malone and John Adams struggled to cope when their fathers both succumbed to Alzheimers.

The works here are serious, often poignant, but also humorous and full of hope. A delightful performance by the two clarinet soloists is bolstered by the excellent Northern Chamber Orchestra.

Track Listing

    Felix Mendelssohn: Concertstück No. 1 in F major, OP. 113

  1. I. Allegro con fuoco (2:37)
  2. II. Andante (3:20)
  3. III. Presto (2:44)
  4. Richard Strauss: Sonatina No. 1 for Wind Instruments in F major (“From an Invalid’s Workshop”)

  5. I. Allegro moderato (13:09)
  6. II. Andante – Tempo di minuetto (10:17)
  7. III. Molto allegro-meno mosso-tempo primo-presto (15:15)
  8. John Adams: Gnarly Buttons

  9. I. The Perilous Shore (10:22)
  10. II. Hoe-Down (6:23)
  11. III. Put your loving arms around me (10:13)
  12. Kevin Malone

  13. The Last Memory (13:58)


The Clarinet

This CD is worth purchasing not only for the repertoire and performances … The ensemble plays with impeccable intonation and great expression… , but also because it raises awareness of (and money for) an important cause.

” —Jane Ellsworth

While you’re justifiably feeling good about yourself for supporting a very worthy cause, you’ll also be enjoying an immensely accomplished album. The Northern Chamber Orchestra proves itself both deft and more than versatile. The recorded sound is equally impeccable. Clearly, an album that really means something.

” —Jim Svejda
Gapplegate Classical Modern Music

A delight… bracing, regretful, haunting, magical… in sum this is very worthwhile music. The Adams work alone is worth the price of admission. Yet all of it fascinates and pleases. And you will be helping Parkinson’s UK! So go for it.

” —Grego Edwards

The context adds a certain poignancy and significance to a recording that stands on its own as a finely executed program of chamber works. Mind Music is polished, expressive, and programmed coherently. More than that, however, it is a provocation to think more deeply about neurodegenerative conditions, the relationships between music and health, and the role of music as a social force.

” —James V. Maiello
Planet Hugill

This is a lovely disc… the performances here have such warmth and engagement that they make a delightful disc. The programme has the advantage of being full of relatively rare gems, which makes it so much more intriguing.

” —Robert Hugill

With all proceeds from the sales being donated to Parkinson’s charities, this two-CD set is immensely worthwhile. The performances are immaculate. Rarely have I have been so engaged in this repertoire. Production values are first-rate… this is an important release. Go buy it!

” —Guy Rickards
MusicWeb International

This is much more than a merely worthy addition to the recorded repertoire. It is a fine collection of works, admirably performed, and of pieces imaginatively chosen and too rarely performed. Performances throughout impress. Stephen Barlow and the Northern Chamber Orchestra are on excellent form (Lynsey Marsh directs for just the Mendelssohn) and the collection will give enormous pleasure.

” —Michael Wilkinson
The Whole Note

Mind Music began as a fundraiser for Parkinson’s UK. Yet these readings of clarinet music are upbeat… wonderfully rich, well-tuned sound. Marsh and Jordan meld the solo instruments with orchestra into a cheerful, satisfying whole.

” —Roger Knox
The Chronicle

It’s a game of two halves in this approachable programme. The two halves are because CD1 is more traditional, CD2 modern — living composers — but the two go together well and the works are serious but also humorous. It’s all in a good cause — profits go to Parkinson’s UK.

” —Jeremy Condliffe

Friends of music for woodwinds will be 100% satisfied. These recordings with the ‘Northern Chamber Orchestra’ under Stephen Barlow seem to us to be particularly interesting musically. They radiate a great deal of temperament and agility.

” —Remy Franck