Soft Light – music by Basil Athanasiadis


Catalogue No: MSV 28584
EAN/UPC: 809730858420
Release Date: April 2018
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 63:57

Seven works composed between 2003 and 2017 which are characterized by an overall subdued, laid-back character, quietness and strong relations to several aspects of Japanese culture, from literature, haiku, Noh dance and the use of the shō. The Japanese aesthetic permeates all and creates a deep impression.

Greek composer Basil Athanasiadis lived and studied in Tokyo to become immersed in the culture. Since moving to England he has founded the unique musical ensemble Shonorities – a diverse group of performers and composers which blends various cultures with principal emphasis on Greece and Japan. The soloists are all highly accomplished and successful in their own right and contribute to one of the most individual and beautiful albums of the year.

Track Listing

    Basil Athanasiadis (b.1970):

  1. To the Touch (5:35)
  2. Air Still (7:31)
  3. For the Ice II (10:30)
  4. Pale Views

  5. I (2:25)
  6. II (1:36)
  7. III (1:13)
  8. IV (3:18)
  9. The Cat in Love (11:23)
  10. Dream of a Buterfly III (11:59)
  11. Soft Light (8:21)


Rafael Music Notes

Mesmerizing quietude. Music that hues closely to a Japanese aesthetic based on simplicity of utterance and purity of expression… absolutely intriguing and immensely satisfying, leaving this listener in a state of completely peaceful relaxation.

” —Rafael de Acha