Vale: New Music for Flute


Catalogue No: MSV 28540
EAN/UPC: 809730854026
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Composers: , , , , ,
Release Date: July 2017
Genres: , ,
Discs: 1

“The flute is one of the instruments closest to the audible human breath and is caught in the process of continually becoming something other than a metal cylinder. Listening to Richard Craig’s playing, one becomes aware not of the limitations of the flute but of its expansion into a vibrant sonic biosphere. We listen, not just to the flute, but to the flautist; singing, whistling, humming are added to his palette and become integrated with the sound of the instrument.” —John Hails, from the CD booklet

Richard Craig has established a leading position in the new music world for his virtuosity and skill in traditional and newer techniques on all members of the flute family. Here he presents a challenging and fascinating diverse group of contemporary works by British, American, French and Swedish composers – some are solos, which present even more challenges to the player – others with voice or chamber ensemble.

Vocalist Cora Schmeiser is from the Netherlands and works in early/medieval music, jazz and contemporary and electronic music.

Distractfold Ensemble is a British group of high stature, having been ensemble in residence at Harvard University in 2016 – this year they are back in the USA but at Stanford. The ensemble can vary its personnel and here is a string trio: Linda Jankowska (violin); Emma Richards (viola); Alice Purton (cello)

Track Listing

    Evan Johnson

  1. émoi
  2. Esaias Järnegard

  3. Psalm
  4. Fabrice Fitch

  5. Agricola IX
  6. Richard Barrett

  7. Vale
  8. John Croft: Deux méditations d’une furie

  9. I. par cette vie infirme et vacillante
  10. II. Ô phosphorescence
  11. Brice Pauset

  12. Eurydice


MusicWeb International

The performances appear to me to be brilliant. This is an interesting exploration of modern music for flute, voice and other instruments. It is certainly avant-garde: it is never off-putting.

” —John France