Audiophile Sound

The piccolo is certainly not an instrument that you are often asked to listen to in key orchestral and chamber works especially, because of its high-pitch registry which limits, obviously, its use as a chief soloist. This, however, has not deterred, in the twentieth century, several composers who have specifically written works for this instrument, as evidenced by this CD in which you can hear chamber works by Levente Gyöngyösi, Gert Wilden, Franco Donatoni, Mike Mower, Franz Kanefzky, Jan Erik Mikalsen and Derek Charke for piccolo and piano.

Obviously, have your ears prepared for slashes of peaks on the high register but in fact we are also within a controlled environment experience with these works that do not intend to simply bring the tool to the limit of its possibilities, but they intend also to exalt it in key communication with the accompaniment of the piano. And praise goes to Natalie Schwaabe, an authentic virtuoso of the piccolo, and the pianist Jan Philip Schulze, who manage to make it stimulating and engaging, with their performances lasting nearly an hour on this recording. For strong spirits and ears.
Artistic Quality: Excellent. Technical quality; Good-Excellent

—Andrea Bedetti