More Russian repertoire comes from the pianist Anthony Goldstone who has probably the widest palette of all – and surely the brightest of all waistcoats. Goldstone is known for his extensive series of four-handed recordings with Caroline Clemmow and his solo recordings are all of immense interest. Readers may remember my job over his recent release of music inspired by dances. Here Goldstone embarks on a (long, I hope) series of Russian piano music. Composers who lived now brought out into the daylight: Arensky, with his tuneful Preludes: Lyapunov, a minor Liszt follower: Glière, more known for his large-scale orchestral music: and the least-known Rebikov, who was, however, immortalised by his Christmas Tree , once a stalwart of piano score anthologies. All of Goldstone’s discs are highly satisfying, played with power and conviction and if there are not true masterpieces among the many smaller works, they are far more rewarding to listen to than many of the minor British composers living in the shadow of Elgar and Vaughan Williams.

—Marius Dawn